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Water the Seeds Part II

Now that you've filtered out the crab grass and have intentionally planted your seeds, let's talk about the actual act of watering them. It's an art form, really, and the way you go about the watering makes all the difference in the world. Let me explain.

You don't just plant your seeds and dump a whole bucket of water on it one day and hope for the best. You don't just turn the hose on and leave it on one full day and never water it again. What good would that do?? All the water right now does not equal all the results right now, even though we all kind of want it to be that way!

Watering your seeds is a small, consistent act of love for yourself.

What habits are you creating? What small, consistent ways can you water your seeds?

And what about mindset and intention? You can define your small consistent acts, but if your intention isn't in the right place, they likely won't bring you the joy and fulfilment that you desire.

What do I mean by this? Let's take it back to the tomatoes.

You've planted the seeds and have decided that watering them a bit each morning would be best. You start seeing results. The plant pops up and starts growing and you get excited! Yay!! You're doing the work and seeing results!! Then something shifts. You are still going out each morning to water your tomatoes, but in high anticipation that the fruit is there. Yet, when it is not, you feel disappointed. You question yourself - Am I doing something wrong? Why aren't there any tomatoes yet?

Are we watering the tomatoes for the enjoyment of the act? Or are we doing it JUST to get a tomato?

Is the work that we are doing joyful, abundant and from a place of love? Or are we striving from a place of fear and scarcity?

What would happen if we lovingly watered the tomato plant and fully trusted that in right time, our harvest would be fruitful? Perhaps one day we'll walk out to the garden to find our tomatoes ripe, plentiful and ready to be enjoyed.


Do you know what seeds you're planting,

but feel lost trying to determine the small, consistent steps?

Have you determined the steps, but finding zero joy in them?

Let's talk.

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