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When is the last time that you were able to release all of the expectations, pressures, and demands of everyday life?

To escape your massive to-do list that comes with being a mom, a wife, a professional, a volunteer & more?

The Unwind Retreat provides the space you need to disconnect from the to-dos and reconnect with your true self so you can show up more intentionally and authentically in every area of your life. 


Using basic tools such as exposure to nature, breathwork, yoga & meditation combined with skilled coaching techniques, this was designed to be a short, yet powerful getaway that will leave you feeling grounded and restored.

Unwind Retreat

July 14th & 15th

1031 180 Rd, Glen Elder, KS









Back Massage


Friday, July 14

Arrive & settle in @ 4pm

Welcome & Introductions



Painting & Creative

Saturday, July 15

Meditation & Yoga

Breakfast & Free time

Unwind Your Experience

Lunch & Conclusion @ 12pm

Optional add-on sessions 1-5pm

Saturday afternoon is free time to unwind however you choose.  You are welcome to stay whether you book add-on sessions or not.  Sessions will run 40-45 minutes.

Massage & reiki sessions are limited and will take place on Saturday from 1-5 pm with free time in between.   

A 60-minute post-retreat coaching session is recommended to process thoughts and emotions that arise and to help you gain clarity on your next steps forward.  You also have the option to retreat longer and stay an extra night.  There is space for only 8 guests per retreat.


Cost: $200

Massage Add-on: $40

Reiki Add-on: $40

Coaching Session: $40

Additional Night: $40

Book with a friend and you and your friend will receive a coaching session free!

Why they loved it and why you will too.

The entire weekend was well thought out and orchestrated. The location of the retreat was peaceful and secure. There were things to do to spend free time or the leisure of doing nothing.

Want to know more?  Contact me and I'm happy to talk with you!

If you can't make this retreat, but want information on future retreats and ways we can work together in the future, be sure to subscribe below.

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