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Keep It Simple

After days of contemplation, I sat outside drinking a cup of coffee out of my favorite hand-warmer mug and reminded myself to KEEP IT SIMPLE.


Cool. That's what I'll name it. Moving on.

I had already done the hard work of creating a framework for my group coaching program based on a few simple tools that helped me better understand myself, others and life around me. The one thing that was holding me back from moving forward was - What am I going to call it?

I had scribbles all over my journal and a lengthy list of ideas in my notes app. This question was occupying my brain to capacity for days...until I sat outside, took a deep, grounding breath and a sip of strong coffee...reminding myself - KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Let's be wasn't actually the name of the program that was holding me back, it was the fear of what happens next.

When I actually name it, I have to move forward, don't I? Then there's no reason for me not to put it out there? What if I've done all this work from the deepest part of my heart and soul for nothing and no one gives a shit? What if it completely bombs? What if it actually sucks? What if no one resonates? (insert your own what ifs...)




But what if I don't?




What if I never share my heart and soul with the world because of fear? What if I never try? What if the work I've done continues to sit in my computer and in my journal forever? What good does that do? The thought that I would never know what would happen or who I could impact was more frightening than if I did nothing. That's what kept me going.

And now the FFT is over. It didn't bomb. It didn't suck. People totally gave a shit. I shared a piece of my heart and soul with the world and it was 1000% worth it.

What keeps you going?

What holds you back?

Here's your reminder to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

P.S. Immediately after I snapped the picture above, I dropped my mug and it shattered. It was a sad day for my favorite hand-warmer and I couldn't help but wonder what this might symbolize for me. Probably that I've been drinking too much coffee lately. I found a new favorite mug at the thrift store a few days later. My mom has a coordinating one that says "May your day be filled with Love." Peace out!

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