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A Pizza Shuttle Approach to Your Goals

Today's inspiration is brought to you by one simple conversation and Pizza Shuttle.

Yep. You heard me. 776-5577 Call us now PIZZA SHUTTLE.

Sunday afternoon, my husband came home from Manhattan with 2 Pizza Shuttle boxes and a custom-made onesie and informed me that Noralee was to have a photoshoot. Here is the product of said photoshoot.

Monday morning, I was having a simple conversation with a friend about goals. She mentioned how daunting it feels when she's working toward one major goal and that her new approach is to set smaller goals. #everyonecanrelate However, the kicker with the smaller goals is that once you reach the goal, you have to keep going.

Once you reach the goal... you have to keep going.

Once you reach the goal... you have to keep going.

Overnight, my brain meshed these two concepts together and it looked like this:

  1. Hear the Call I want my goals to be inspired by the Holy Spirit because ultimately I know I'm here to do God's work. That means I intentionally putting myself in a state where I can hear the call and respond with a joyful heart. Right now, that looks like spending a little time each morning in meditation and journaling. I also tend to hear the call at times when I allow myself to be fully present throughout that day.

  2. Set the Goal Sometimes rather than simply setting the goal, I find myself in this wishy-washy-ness: "Am I setting the right goal? Is this goal right for me? Can I do this? Is this realistic?" The truth is - It doesn't fucking matter. Release the pressure. Trust that the goal came from Spirit, that no matter the outcome, you'll learn from it, and move-the-eff-on.

  3. Do the Work Fairly self-explanatory. Visualize what progress on the goal looks like. What are the small steps. Consider that the work is not always something tactical and list makers kind of hate that. Adaptive & inner-work is some of the hardest, most important work we'll ever do and most of the time is unseen.

  4. Evaluate and Reassess How did things go? What did I learn? What is God teaching me? This step is IMPERATIVE in order to feel like you've done something. I am SO guilty of completely leaving this step out and it leaves me feeling discouraged and like I'm making absolutely NO progress on my goals. However, when I take the time to work through this step, most often I see that I'm still making slow and steady progress.

All the goal trackers out there look a lot like this. These are great tools, however - I can see how it leads us to believe that once we've reached out goal, we cross it off the list and we're done.

The truth is - we are never done. We are constantly evolving into better versions for the sake of God's purpose - just like the continuous Pizza Shuttle logo.


Ready to get to work on your continuous Pizza Shuttle Goals?

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