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Look Back with Intention

This morning I felt called to pull my Start Today journal off of the shelf. I started this journal in April of 2019. A lot of life has happened since then!

I'm currently living a season of life that I never really envisioned for myself. It's beautiful. It's chaos. It's frustrating. It's pure joy. It's also all completely new to me.

I didn't grow up this way. Both of my parents worked full time. Both of my husband's parents worked full time. My older brother is 5 years older than I which means that I never saw, first hand, what it was like to mother three children so close in age - let alone full-time.

So much of this life right now feels monotonous with work that goes unrecognized. Unrecognized both by myself and society as a whole. So to look back on the gratitude list, goals and dreams that I wrote just three years ago and to realize where I am today, was a very humbling experience.

To see a dream that I wrote down with skepticism and doubt in 2019 and realize that I'm leaving that dream today... 🤯.

To realize that many of the intentions, goals & dreams I expressed then are consistent with how I continue to live my life today...🥳

To read through each gratitude list and realize, yet again, that it truly is all of the little things in life that mean the most...🥰

When you're in the day-to-day chaos of life, it's normal to feel stuck. To wonder "What did I even do with my life today? This month? This year? Am I doing enough? Am I enough?"

In that moment, it's also easy to start comparing yourself to those around you feeling even more frustrated that you aren't where they are. Or maybe you aren't where you thought you should be at this moment in life.

So what if you were to take a moment to intentionally look back? To give yourself grace and be grateful for where you are and how far you've come. Can we take a moment to recognize the things God has purposefully placed in your life that you never really saw coming, but had to create space for? And perhaps you had to reprioritize some of the things you had planned. What have you learned and what relationships have you built that you never even saw coming because your life is a piece of a much bigger puzzle than you can even fathom?

Sometimes society "encourages" us by saying Move Forward & Don't Look Back! But today I encourage you to Look Back with Intention.

Look back to celebrate how far you've come.

Look back to make sense of the lessons you've learned and the relationship you've built and how those impact who you are and how you show up today.

Look back to realize that the life you once dreamt of is the one that you are now living.


Would you be interested in a workshop to Look Back with Intention?

Inventory Your Year (Was your life in balance? What was awesome? What wasn't?)

Celebrate the wins. Identify what curve balls life threw at you and what you learned from them.

Set intentions for 2023.

How would you attend?

  • In person would be freaking amazing!

  • Virtual workshop from home in my slippers please!

If you answered above, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and

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