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Water the Seeds

Preschoolers come home with a lot of cute papers and art projects - most of which eventually end up in the trash. But this particular one struck me deep. It made me tilt my head to the side and really remember an honest truth.

You can't just plant the seeds. You have to water them too.

Over the past few years, I feel like I've been planting seeds left and right - throwing them around like glitter everywhere I go and leaving it up to chance on whether I remember where they are or even what kind of seed they are!

I hear people (including myself) say it all the time. "Just plant the seed..." "I've been planting seeds..."

But do we even know what we're planting? Flowers? Tomatoes? Watermelons? Pumpkins? Cucumbers? Dandelions? Zinnias? Fucking crab grass?

And what's the point of mixing all of those seeds in a bucket together then throwing them around like glitter? It serves nothing - except perhaps an experiment to confirm that the fucking crab grass is taking over leaving no fruit, veggies or flowers to enjoy!!

And yet - even if we are more intentional about the seeds that we are planting, if we don't actually water them, they won't grow. They won't flourish into what they were intended to be.

Those beautiful zinnias and delicious watermelons will remain lost in the dirt unaware of their true potential. Pumpkin spice would not even exist! (gasp!!!)

So what seeds have you planted and forgotten about? Which ones matter to you? Which ones don't? Is it time to be intentional about where you are planting them so that you can remember to go back and water them?


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