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The 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse

Before this book completely escapes my consciousness (pun intended), let me give you my overview! This is a book that my life-coach recommended to me toward the end of our time together. All of her book suggestions were great and this one did not disappoint.

I didn't enter into the cleanse lightly. There is an introductory part to this book to prepare you and I really wanted to get the very most out of this experience. I felt it had the potential to be life-changing. I thought carefully about how I could remove external distractions, be mindful of my time with technology and create an uplifting environment around me during this time. I practiced the breathing, affirmations & prayer that the book suggested before entering into the daily readings - which I thought would take forever and in reality took all of 2 minutes, if even. I decided I wasn't going to stress if the cleanse took me 25 days instead of 21, but that I WOULD make it a priority.

The 21 Days is broken into three parts. Seven days in the past. Seven days in the present. Seven days in the future. The entire premises of the book is to help the reader live in a higher level of consciousness. And now you're thinking WTF does that mean? Yup! I was too! Here's what I gather. It means addressing some of your shit in order to move past it. Stepping into your worthiness as a human simply because your creator made you glorious and moving forward as a better version of yourself every single day.

You are a holy and glorious manifestation of God and the world needs you.
Stop tolerating mediocrity and trying to stay small when the truth is tat we are capable of great things!

Each reading was a daily reminder that God made me for greatness. I feel that is something we all need to hear every single day until we truly believe it - and truly believing it takes a good chunk of time! So many of us drift through each day simply by habit instead of intention. We focus on the day to day activities without even THINKING or wondering if God has a better use for us! Without being full present in the moment. Which then leads us to live out of fear instead of love and a life unfulfilled. If you follow the guidelines of the book and take time to journal with the prompt it gives you, you will address questions that will lead you to face your inner calling. If you simply skim over them and don't take the time to actually think and write them out, chances are, you'll end up where you started. There is power in writing down your thoughts during this process. It can be scary and sometimes I even wondered if I was "doing it wrong", but the fact is - you can't do it "wrong" - because this is for YOU!

There is and always has been a path for your soul, and if you follow that path, it will lead you to the inner utopia that your soul longs to experience in this lifetime.
By affirming your own gifts & strengths, you build your confidence and increase your ability to build a brighter future.

By assessing how I felt almost every single day, my biggest breakthrough was the seeing correlation was between my nutrition and my flame. On days that I blessed my body with nourishing foods, my flame shined brighter. On days that I chose to eat because I was tired or 'deserved' things like ice cream, the next day, my flame suffered. I'm not just talking a little bit of ice cream because I don't seem to know what that means. I'm talking stuffing my face with it.

Bless your body and it will bless you back.
The foundation of a good life is good health.

I can confidently say that my nutrition has been better as a result of the cleanse. I am more aware of how processed foods make me feel and hinder me from showing up as the person I want to be in this world. Is it perfect? Hell-to-the-no. But instead of focusing on specific "rules" when it comes to eating and "failing" when I break them, I ask myself "Will this bless my body?" before I eat most things. And sometimes - a cookie or two does bless my body. But more than that does not! Sure, there are days that I still slip up, but those days becoming a lot less frequent, so I am celebrating that progress and continually striving for better.

I'll end with this - as a society, we focus so much on the "someday". Someday I'll have what I want. Someday I'll finally do that thing I've been thinking about forever. Someday, I'll magically know what I want to do with my life. Someday does not exist. Someday is now.

You are free to be all that you ever imagined.
Everything you want in life is available to you right now.
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