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My 4 Favs From January 2018

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

On our way to Ellsworth from Manhattan yesterday, I was scrolling through all of my 2018 photos trying to choose ONE from each month that I loved the most. The ONE that most accurately described that month. The ONE that was the ONE most awesome thing. It was hard! There were so many awesome things! So many things to be grateful for! What an awesome year!!

January 2018

These were my four favorite from January. On the surface, they may seem like no big deal, but I see SO.MUCH.LOVE!

Drew FINALLY agreed to workout with me!! We completed a full 21-Day-Fix together. He cussed through most of the workouts and I felt like every workout as a date! It was flipping great!! It got us both out of our regular routine - I am a morning or nothing workout person and we did them around 7pm most nights. But I didn't even care because that quality time together made my heart so happy!

I TOTALLY got the entire family matching Lakeside Basketball attire! You betcha!! Sam and I loved going to the games to see Drew. Our time is so limited with him during basketball season so we take what we can get. We probably never actually made it to the end of the boys varsity game, but at least we got to spend some time with the person that means the most in the world to us!

Sam got his first tooth in January, which evidently required him to poop constantly. Almost EVERY MORNING for the entire first week of January, we washed his sheets and gave him a bath every morning! I took off work a few days, Drew took off work a day and then it was still happening. So I said, "Well Sam! Looks like you're coming to work with me today because we've got to get some shit done!" I threw the baby swing and jumper-thingy in my office, strapped him to my belly and got to work. Hammered out like 60+ calls that day! Whatsup!?! I'm killin' this working-mom thing today!

The last picture makes my heart melt. It is everything and more I could ever ask for in a husband! He is our MVP. Our glue. Our comedian. Our rock. Sometimes he is our reality...because let's be honest...I'm the crazy one. He is my opposite, yet we are so much the same. Drew + Shannon = Forever.

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