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Joy Ride

Magical things happen when you choose to disconnect. I turned my phone completely off for a full 24 hours. It. Was. Amazing!

During this "Trial Separation" with my phone, I found myself joyful & present. I missed some communication - but it lead to an amazing Joy Ride with an amazing friend that was totally meant to be for both of us!

I was already loaded up with Sam in the car and headed out to the ranch house to do some work when I got word that I didn't actually need to go. Tracey had texted me Saturday, but of course I didn't get it because my phone was off. Sam was so upset! He was so excited with me! We decided to go out anyway.

The boys played while Tracey and I did a little work in the office then I asked if she'd take me for a ride! They have miles and miles of bike trails at their farm and I'd never been on them! She hooked me up with a helmet and a fancy bike named Liv and we took off.

Riding through the trees on a narrow, winding path next to a creek for the very first time forces a person to focus on what's right in front of them. Every so often, we'd be coming up on a more difficult part of the trail and my tour guide would stop us both so we could assess what was ahead. Eventually we came across JOY and I stopped just to stare and be grateful. (and to ask why there was a sign with 'Joy' on it).

Moral of the story?

Disconnect to reconnect. Focus on what's in front of you. Be present in the moment. Every so often, stop and assess where you are in life and where you want to go. Keep riding the path God has put in front of you and you are bound to find the JOY.


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