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Let your requests be known. Maybe He'll listen. Maybe He'll laugh.

This morning I sat down to write some really inspirational shit. I was ready to get this day on! I felt gooooood! I woke up on time, got my devotional in and intentionally wrote my prayers in the cutest prayer journey you've ever seen! I asked God to make me a light in His world today! That He would shine through me and I would show love to others all day long! Ya know... like unicorn farts and rainbows and stuff!! If you can imagine it, know that I'm flailing my arms around describing this moment right now.

Soon after I started this, Sam woke up and boy was he CRANKY! He really likes to just wake up and chill. This requires a good amount of me sitting on the couch with him first thing in the morning with his milk in his hand for a good 15 minutes before he decides to drink it. I didn't really have time for that this morning. I thought perhaps I could sit with him a minute and get on with my workout. I thought wrong.

I started my warm-up with him hanging onto the front of me like a koala bear, milk in hand. Inchworms are impossible to do with a koala bear clung to you, so I laid him on the floor and all hell broke lose. All of his whining and screaming woke Drew up, who then sat with him while he whined a little more and eventually drank his milk like 30 minutes later.

Finally - workout was finished. I'm home free, right? I'll just get ready for work really quick and get out of here! Sam wants his toothbrush. Then my toothbrush. Then the toothpaste. Then basically effing anything that requires him to stand directly in front of me making it more difficult for me to "get ready for work really quick". Then he just sits. Right in front of me. And gets real pissed when I attempt to scooch him out of the way.

Finally I'm ready for work and Samson is bundled up. We headed out the door and I laughed at God. Thanks man for challenging me on the very thing I was praying for today!! Perhaps tomorrow's prayer is: God, help me be a light even when people are pissing me the F off?

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