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Hollis' Birth Story

Tuesday July 9th 6:16pm

It’s cold in our room and we’re both snuggled up in our blankies!! So far, you have been such a champ!!

Here’s what I recall from the nights events through my closed eyelids. I’m pretty sure my eyes were shut or covered up by Drew’s hand during most of my labor. Mainly because my body doesn’t really know how to have light contractions - only the holy mother fucker kind - and also because the fluorescent lights in the hospital are so dang bright!

We were watching yet another episode of The O.C. last night when I looked at the clock around 9:13 wondering if you were just moving around and I had to pee or if I was having a contraction. At 9:32, I had the same feeling and looked again and waited for another one perhaps around 10 or so. We decided to go to bed.

At 12:45, I got up to pee then crawled back into bed, but was ridiculously uncomfortable. Through my winces of pain & noises, your dad asked me if I was ok several times, to which I finally responded - hand me your phone. I downloaded a contractions app to start monitoring them. After a few contractions laying in bed, I decided it was time to start getting my things around and started packing my bag up. I alerted Drew that we were probably about to have a baby and called Grandma Jill. No answer. I called Grandpa Steve, who picked up. I let him know we were going to be heading to the hospital soon and his response was humorous to me. “Do you want to bring him over or should we come pick him up?” My response to his response: Is Jill up? Can I talk to her? Jill said, “I’ll be over.” Just as soon as I hung up, Sam started crying, but Drew quickly got him settled back in bed.

After gathering a few final things and waiting for another contraction, we made a break for the car. It was freaking pouring down rain and storming like crazy!! I had a sweatshirt on and another one over my head! Drew had already been out once to carry the bags out and had to change shirts! What great timing!

As we made our way out of town, I turned on my seat warmers - which felt freaking fabulous on my back. Drew drove very carefully and stayed calm as we drove 50 Mph on the highway to avoid hydroplaning. I pulled up the radar.

We arrived at the emergency room. Drew signed some paperwork while I cussed through another contraction, then went out to park the car. We quickly moved to an ER room. The nurse said I had to pee in a cup. I looked at her like she was nuts and said “WHY?” I did my best - but peeing in a cup is really freaking hard to do when the toilet sits up like 10 feet off the ground and your feet don’t touch the ground when you sit down. Jussssayin. That might be a slight exaggeration, but not much!

I was lightheaded and the nurses refused to give me apple juice. I told them I didn’t like them. Then, after they tried the IV in my left hand and blew my vein, I told them I didn’t like them again. I was 5-6 cm dilated when we got there and by the time Dr. Crumbaker arrived - I think about an hour later, I was at an 8. I remember telling her - “I’m so glad you’re here! Can I have some apple juice?” She got me some and told me to sip on it. I chugged it like a real rule breaker!

I was still not clear as to what was going on around me because I think my eyes were still closed - but what I do know is that your dad was wonderful and kept reminding me to breathe. Breathing with me and he turned on some music. The anesthesiologist, who they called LA, showed up. While he was getting things around for a spinal, they tried to get me situated on the bed correctly for him. It was difficult and attempting to breathe through those contractions was ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as me making Drew sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while we waited for him to stick that needle in my back. I barely felt the poke and 30 seconds later, I think I told LA I loved him.

With Samson, I wanted a natural birth. (Samson's Birth Story) With Hollis, I was totally open to pain meds. And let me tell you - it’s the craziest feeling, or rather, no feeling! Didn’t feel a thing when she broke my water, I barely felt contractions at all and pushing was real weird. Your heart rate dropped a few times and I started getting nervous. Dr. Crumbaker ended up using a vacuum in the end. It took you a few seconds to start crying, but once you did, I was crying too!!

We arrived at the hospital at 2:30am and you were here at 5:08am. We thought we were ready for you on Saturday when we tried to Murph you out just like Samson, but you knew Tuesday was better timing! And when you were ready, you were ready!

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