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Happiness is where the present lives

Happiness is where the present lives.

I let this quote sink in yesterday morning as I sipped on my Root Chakra Buddha Tea, attempting to ground myself.

God gave me a clear sign last week, telling me to disconnect. To be in the present. He knew I wouldn’t do it on my own, so he helped me out by making my phone screen look like this:

Rather than freak out, drive to Salina and get a new one that very day, I decided to take this time to be present, while exploring my upgrade options. Then God threw us another fun obstacle.

Samson got an infection in his lymph node and was hospitalized on Wednesday. Coordinating with my husband, the hospital, the daycare, the children and keeping my mom and mother-in-law informed was a challenge. Rather than being frustrated. I embraced the challenge. I can do this! Everything is figureoutable! I could still kind of use my phone for basic functions. I could ask it to call people and ask it to read my texts as well as voice text people. I could use it… actually as a phone. Weird, huh?

It was a lesson I needed to learn. All too often… like all day everyday… I found myself reaching for my phone trying to multitask. I can check into my challenge groups while I feed Hollis. I can message people back while Samson eats breakfast. I can record a video while driving. Yeah. That’s a bad one, I know. What I realized is that I was never fully present with ANYTHING I was doing. I had created a habit of always thinking what’s next.

I am determined to make the happiness I experienced during my forced disconnect my new habit. Disconnecting. Being present. Not reaching for my phone at every small spare moment, but rather being present.

I smiled with so much JOY yesterday as I saw several posts from my peers on Facebook proclaiming that they are giving it up for Lent. I, too, am distancing myself from social media. Becoming a creator rather than a consumer.

I vow to live in the present. To not get wrapped up in the anxiety of the future. And by future, I mean the distant future as well as the future just 20 minutes from now. I vow to live in the present.

Happiness is where the present lives.

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