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Feeling like death...and doing it anyway.

I woke up this morning feeling like death. Ok - that might be an exaggeration. The truth is that I couldn't breathe and was all sorts of congested. The thought of crawling back into bed crossed my mind, but I soon realized sleeping wasn't going to open up my airways and if I went back to sleep, chances are I'd just wake up groggier.

I got up and did my morning routine. Energize + Muffin. Breathing + Stretching. Reading + Journaling. I felt mighty productive, so I got to work on some things that had been on my list a while. Boy did it feel good to mark those things off!! All of those things, however... did not open my airways either!!

Then came the big decision:

To workout or not to workout. That is the question.

You see... it's easy. It's easy to give into the death-ness. Congested as shit? Can't workout. Raging headache? Can't workout. Stomach ache? Can't workout. But what's the chance that a little bit of movement would actually make your body feel better? Is it the easy choice? Abso-freakin-lutely NOT! Because no one in their right mind wants to workout with any of these conditions. Let's weigh our options.

OPTION ONE: What happens if you don't? You will probably feel the same as you did before. Congested, raging headache, stomach ache, whatever. You'll make those 'I'm Dying!' sounds and be all mopey all day long.

OPTION TWO: You press play and get your workout on anyways. You give yourself grace and know that it's probably not going to be the best workout you've ever done and you also know that something is better than nothing. You allow yourself to turn it off after just 5 or 10 minutes if it does, in fact, make you feel shittier! And then you pat your damn self on the back for at least trying for those first 5 to 10 minutes and move on with your day even if that means lying in bed watching Days of Our Lives. However, if you decide you feel alright and make it past those 5 to 10 minutes, you fucking celebrate it!

Assess how you feel after the workout! Did you sweat your headache away? Can you breathe any better than before? Did it give you more energy? Do you feel the exact same way, but at least accomplished for the day because you gave it a shot?

Chances are there are more positive outcomes if you try to press on! So this is my challenge - TRY!! Even when you don't feel like it. Even if you've got a little bit of a head cold. Even when you want to punch the alarm clock in the face and nose dive back into bed. TRY! Press play. Do your workout and see how you feel!

***DISCLAIMER: Don't be dumb. Yes. I know there are actually times when you physically can. not. do. it. I've been there too! Don't. Be. Dumb.***

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