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Christmas 2018

I stared in awe, completely in love, taking in the moment.

It was our very first Christmas Eve at home, in our hometown church service at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

My in-laws sat in front of us, looking back every now and then to entertain Samson for a moment. Directly behind us were two familiar faces who have kids our age and grand kids Samson’s age. Then, through a few rows of strangers, a three more familiar faces peeked through. Jason’s beautiful girls. I caught Kolbie playing peek-a-boo with Samson as he giggled and clapped his paci right out of his mouth. I feel like it’s safe to say that none of these people heard a word of the service due to our little year-and-a-half-old distraction.

Then came the homily. Samson sat between us, content and eating grapes, and let out a noise that seemed to be amplified by the position of his tush on the pew. Drew and I could not.stop.laughing.

After the blessing, at the very end of the service, I wanted to take out my phone and capture this moment so badly. I stared in awe, completely in love, taking in the moment. Drew stood next to me. Samson in his left arm, a missalette in his right, loudly singing the last Christmas song of the service. My heart is so full. God is so good.

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