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A New Definition of “Killin’ It”

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

My mind keeps going back to this conversation because I think it’s a lesson that we all need every now and then!

I was sitting on my closet floor surrounded by pillows, my phone propped up on a box of clothes that don’t currently fit, hiding from my toddler so that I could have an hour to focus on Emma as she went through the things on her heart. I am literally just amazed by this woman! Her energy, her ambition, her heart, her dedication to her community, everything!!

I find that overwhelm is a common barrier with the women I have been coaching. A barrier to success and to mental and physical health. We are such a connected society that we forget to connect with and love ourselves because we are so busy doing all the things to stay connected! We compare ourselves to others way too often and think that everyone else is ‘killin’ it” - when really...everyone else is just like us!

PSA: What you see on social media is not a true reflection of people’s lives.

Toward the end of our conversation after Emma had talked about the new business her and her husband just bought, relationships, her own business and all of the amazing things she’s doing, she took a minute to focus on herself.

She said something like this:

“I’m not really killin’ it with my workouts and nutrition like I’d like to be, but I am still getting some sort of workout in most days and staying conscious of what I’m eating. I’m not spending a lot of time on those, but I’m falling back on those habits because I know they make me feel good!”

My response to her was: “Don’t you realize that what you just described is KILLIN' IT?? How many people fall back into bad habits when life gets crazy? Frozen pizza, fast food, emotional eating. And who has time for workouts when life gets crazy? It’s one of those things that the crazier life becomes, the MORE we need it!! You know it has become HABIT when life gets crazy and you still force yourself to do it because you know it's what you need! Sometimes life gives us other things to focus on than hour long workouts and complicated meal prep recipes. When that’s the case, it’s totally fine to do 20 minutes of yoga and chicken salads for lunch everyday. Keep it simple. You ARE killin' it!”

We are always our own worst critic and sometimes we need someone else to encourage us until we can believe it ourselves!! We need someone else’s thoughts and words to fill our minds and push out negative thoughts, so eventually we can realize on our own that we ARE killin' it and we didn’t even know it! I am honored to be this person for Emma and my other clients!!

**I value and respect the privacy of all my clients and was given permission to share this message. Emma stated: "I'm happy to help be an example to spread the good."**

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