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A Kitchen Table Vision

We got rid of our table this weekend. Now we have four chairs in our kitchen. Four people. Four chairs. I keep looking at things in my house and asking myself “Does this item belong in my future?” If YES, it can stay. If NO, it’s going. I sold my table and two chairs for $25.

This morning I sat on my couch. My dirty, stained couch that drives Drew abso-freaking-lutely bonkers. I stared at the empty space where the table once was. What does this space in my future look like? What kind of table am I sitting at?

I just spent way too much time looking at kitchen tables on Pinterest. And this is not exactly what my future table looks like. But something like it. Ideally, I won’t even actually pick out my kitchen table. Because choosing those sorts of things stresses me out and I’d rather say to someone with great taste and who likes to shop: "This is kind of what I want. Go find me something beautiful!”

Ok - enough about the table. Back to the vision.

The vision.

Having space to entertain. A space where my husband feels comfortable. A space where he actually WANTS people in his house. I think this is not out of reach for us. I would say our limited space definitely attributes to his high level of discomfort when people are here.

I envision inviting friends or family over for lunch after church. A place where Samson and Hollis will sit and do their homework. A place where my mom and I will drink coffee when she comes to visit.

The kitchen table. It’s not just any piece of furniture. It is the staple of the home. It’s where meaningful conversations happen. It’s a place of joy.

I sit at my table, eating my farm fresh eggs that the boys and I picked out of the coop the night before and scan over my activities for the day to come. The day that includes creative work time in the morning. Reaching people that I do not even know need to hear my message. Expressing myself creatively through writing, videos, recording, painting. Work that fuels my soul. I say prayers for the three clients that I have scheduled in the afternoon. That God breathe life into our interaction. That he work through me to inspire and encourage the amazing woman with whom I am interacting with. That after our conversation, her soul is warm. She believes in herself. She KNOWS that she can do anything she wants to do and SHE KNOWS that it is figureoutable and available to her. She goes home that night and sits down with her family. She is the heart of her home. And because she is happy, inspired, encouraged, her family culture mirrors it. She is Godly. She remembers that when HE comes first, other things fall into place exactly as they should. She knows that living out God’s will for her may not always be easy, but she continues to strive for it through the high ups and the deep downs. She trusts. She has faith. And faith is not knowing that God can. It is trusting that God WILL.

She impacts her world. She leaves a legacy. She shows her children and her family and her freaking self what it MEANS to BE STRONG & COURAGEOUS. What it MEANS to DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST. Her family knows because she shows them. In turn, they live their truth.

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