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6 Months Strong

I am so grateful to Emma for capturing this beautiful photo. A moment I never thought I would have.

At three weeks, I made the decision. Yay for me! I breastfed for three weeks and ordered a case of formula. For all you mamas - you KNOW how hard this decision is. All of the thoughts going through your head. I’m a failure. I’m not a failure. What’s best for me? What’s best for my baby? What’s best for my family? What’s cheaper? I just want this to work! Who gives a crap if it doesn't work? Breast is best. A fed baby is the best baby. Then factor in all the crazy hormones. Fuuuuuuck. But once you make the decision, it’s such a huge weight off your shoulders and I was at peace with my decision.

That same week, I took Hollis to the chiropractor for the first time. I’d heard wonderful things about Dr. Taylor in Osborne as she’d worked with several of my friends’ babies. She recommended that I have his tongue tie looked at. After our second visit, she felt there wasn’t more she could do unless it was fixed and recommended Dr. Fetzick in Wichita.

Long story short (if you know my dad, you’re laughing right now) - Fetzick Dentistry lasered four ties. Upper, lower and cheeks. Yup. Cheeks. Didn’t know that was a thing. They were wonderful to work with, answered all of our questions. Hollis was fussy for a few days afterward, but then things started getting better!

I literally DID.NOT. KNOW that you could just be like “Hey baby! Here’s my boob!” and have the baby latch on. And he was DOING IT! Say WHAT?

Then came a whole new set of scenarios to work through. What happens when we’re in public? Will I wear a nursing cover? How do I dress for easy access? Guess I won’t be wearing that cute dress to the wedding! I’d never had to work through these before because I pumped exclusively with Samson for 6 months, then switched to formula. I decided the nursing cover just wasn’t for me and moved on with life!

I took so much pride in being able to do the thing I never thought would work for me! I am so grateful for the support that I had along the way. Tracey Palen, Hannah Reardon, Cortney Murrow and the endless mom-friends who offered their stories and support that helped me feel less alone.

Hollis will be 6 months next week and I’m still going strong!! He is definitely a mama’s boy and tends to go on strike when Drew tries to feed him a bottle.

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