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Will You Pray For Me?

It's pretty common that people are sharing their struggles with the world. It's a good thing, in my opinion, because those sharing receive support and those reading can connect leaving both parties feeling less alone.

Common responses to these posts or messages:




When I first shared the news last year about my mom's cancer, Emily reached out right away. We hadn't talked since college and even then, were't very close. Over the past few months, a new and amazing friendship has evolved and I am so very grateful. I can't help but think that God intended for us to be in each others lives right now. Like He brought her to me specifically to teach me a few of life's most valuable lessons.

Lesson #1: Sometimes there's nothing to say other than it sucks. But it's nice to have someone sometimes.

Lesson #2:

It's OK to be pissed at God and not know what to pray for. That He can handle all of our feelings even if it's anger, confusion or sadness.

Lesson #3: When you can't even talk to God because you're so pissed or seem so helpless, ask others to pray for you.

There's a difference though between posting your request for prayers and reaching out to a friend for prayers. To each their own, this is just my perspective.

Sometimes when I post too soon about the hard stuff, peoples hearts & prayerhand emojis piss me off. Yes...I know they are good intentions behind them and I'm not dissing people for simply responding to me. When these feelings arise, I delete the post knowing my heart isn't ready for the entire world to see my hardship.

I now know that a better way is to reach out to a trusted friend or two and ask for prayers knowing that they will literally be praying for me and my request all day long. I know because that's exactly what I did all day yesterday when I received a message from Emily requesting prayers.

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