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What's holding you back?

I stopped right in the middle of Highway 24, took my sweatshirt off, tied it around my waist, and adjusted my ponytail. My phone escaped from my armband like a prisoner trying to escape!! SHIT! I picked it up. My new, beautiful Google Pixel now has a crack on the upper right side and down into the screen. Balls. Thanks, Universe. Here I am surrendering to you and you just cracked my phone screen. Jeeeezzzzz.

Before this moment, my morning mentality had me thinking: What if this is happening FOR ME and not TO ME?

What if?

The armband that I've been using to hold my phone was not designed for a Google Pixel. It was designed for an older version of an iPhone. Here I am, years later, trying to make it work. And does the job. It holds my phone. But when I’m running, I’m tense. Trying not to move too much in fear that it’s going to fly out - as it finally did on the highway this morning. This is the breaking point. LITERALLY!

Is this armband holding me back from being my TRUE SELF? The self that hears my girl, Iggy, being Fancy and has the urge to bust out some moves while early morning truck drivers pass me on the highway?

How many times are we trying to fit in something that was meant for the older versions of ourselves? What is holding us back from just buying that $15 armband that is actually designed for the current version of the phone that we carry? Or rather - What is holding us back from becoming the person we are evolving to be??

Scarcity? I don’t have the money. I don’t know how.

Fear? People will judge me. I don’t know what I’m doing. I haven’t thought it through.

What’s it going to take to step into the person you were MADE TO BE?

A $15 armband? Perhaps.

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