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There's no way to be wrong

Here I am at fricken 10:34pm and I need to go to bed because I am now setting myself up to get less than 6 hours of sleep which is not good for anyone...ever. So what the hell am I doing up to late?? I'm rambling through questions that are asking me what the hell I want in life. Jeez-us.

I recently qualified for a High Performance Coaching training series. I just completed the worksheet for the first training and I'm uncomfortable with it already. Which is both good and nerve-wracking.

Is it just me - or when you ask yourself deep life questions, do you worry about "getting it right?" . I worry about my answers. If they are actually what I think... or if it's what I THINK I should think...or if they are "RIGHT". I have to remind myself that there IS NO WAY TO BE WRONG!! That simply answering the damn questions are part of the process. It's very likely that my answers will evolve if I were to ask myself the same questions again on a different day - AND THAT'S OK!

If you are still with me through all of my late night rambling - HERE are the questions keeping me up tonight. I challenge you to ask yourself these too!

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