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The Right Time

What if the time does not exist?

This question was proposed by my life-coach months ago and continues to play on repeat in my head. She just kept saying it and saying it! With each repetition, I would get more and more pissed off!

I was practically yelling back at her - "IT DOES EXIST! People make time for the things that they want in their life!!!" Now, I just keep thinking about it, but in a different way than I did at first.

What if the time does not exist?

Today’s translation:

What if the time - the special time you envision in your mind to do the things you say you really want to do - does not exist?

People are always waiting for the “right time”. But what if the “right time” does not exist?

For weeks I’ve been telling myself that I really want to incorporate meditation back into my routine, even if just 5 minutes a day. This tiny habit is something that I feel could really have an impact on my goals right now, yet I’ve failed to make it happen because I seem to be waiting for the "right time" to magically appear.

When I imagine this perfect meditation time, I see myself sitting outside alone in the morning for a good 10-20 minutes. Listening to the birds chirp and achieving that blank state of mind quickly. But the truth is - the mosquitoes would freakin' eat me alive and it’s rare that I have a whole lot of morning time alone because Samson also likes to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn.

So this morning - when the perfect time did not exist - I decided to do it anyway. A 10 minute meditation with a little music playing in my right ear and Chuggington in the other. A toddler crawling on my lap half way through. Was it a waste? Nope! It still felt good!

It's rare that the perfect time exists - so if we’re going to get to the things we say are important - we gotta do it anyway.

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