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The Only Way Is Through

I had a very different piece planned in my head to write this morning, but here we are.

I hold high value on being truly authentic, transparent and even raw at times regardless of how others may perceive it. My intention is always to share my heart where it truly is - and by doing so - encouraging others to do the same. It is so HEAVY to keep it all in. So may we become lighter - together.

I took a long, slow walk last night in the dark. My thoughts louder than the audio book playing through my earbuds.


Alone is the word that kept coming up. While I know in my head this is not the truth, my heart was certainly feeling it. I'm actually never alone. Literally because nearly 24/7 I've got a child on or around me and in the whole "Jesus is always with you." sense.


For all of the ordinary work that I do. Day in and day out. Wiping butts, kissing ouchies, sleeping with humans on me, doing my absolute best to handle tantrums with love and grace and sometimes this means simply going outside while everyone in my house screams their head off for a minute.


Of all the nurturing that's taking place.

Today is Ash Wednesday and I started Restore: A Guided Lent Journal for Prayer and Meditation. Through the first reading, I was reminded of something profound and simple.

The only way is through.

This morning I am grateful that my thoughts were louder than my book last night and that I took the time to actually NAME my feelings rather than continue to drown them out with an audio book, with busyness, with all the things we use to numb them. Naming our feelings is always the very first step in working through them.

I am grateful for Sr. Miriam James Heidland questioning me again this morning and allowing me to reflect over a warm cup of coffee.

Where are you in your heart and life right now? What is Jesus wanting to heal in you as you pray, fast, and give alms this Lent?

This is where I am, friends. I invite you to get honest with yourself too. Because the only way to heal is through.

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