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The Adventurous Path

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I stood in awe watching the sunrise. Typically I would strive to get to the top of the hill overlooking the lake to try and “catch it”. Instead, I stopped on the uphill road and enjoyed the new perspective as the sun rose over the dyke.

On the opposite end of the earth, the sky created a subtle thunder. What an amazing dynamic.

I continued my run in a state of curiosity, openness, and adventure. Instead of choosing routine, I chose adventure. It served me and my thoughts well.

I stopped to enjoy the wonderous and calming sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. God is awesome. He made ME awesome. I am deserving of all of the wonders in the world. I chose to record the waves along with affirmations, serving the world and whomever may need positive thoughts to infiltrate their mind as well.

I continued my adventure. Following the feeling in my heart, God opened up new thoughts and possibilities.

The waves crashed even more abundantly against the rocks.

God is even more powerful, more abundant, more amazing, more everything that we can even imagine!!!

So often our thoughts and our views of the world are limited to our routine or perhaps what we see first. Had I stayed the path of routine, I would have missed this greatness. Had I been fixated on the first waves the entire time, I would have missed the ones beautifully crashing against the rocks.

I found myself moving up the dyke into safety from the waves crashing. Is this what God wants for me? Or does He want to splash me? Where am I being safe in my life? Is God trying to tell me to get closer to him? That’s it’s completely OK if the water splashes onto you? The thought of jumping in the water crossed my mind but it was pretty freaking cold this morning. I chose faith. I choose faith.

The next part of my run. The part where I’d usually run up the dike - striving, of course - I chose adventure. To go the path of the golf course. A path I don’t normally choose.

I recognized a beautiful balance of my crown and root chakra. I am open to adventure (crown). Shit! I remember seeing a snake yesterday and there could be snakes in that grass. I am safe (root). I chose to go the route of the shorter/no grass. Through the trees that I thought we had lost in the flood that are now blooming with beautiful green leaves.

I choose love. I choose adventure. I choose faith. I am worthy of all of the greatness that the Lord has created just for me!

I am holy and sacred and righteous and true and I deserve to be here and So. Do. You.

It started to sprinkle just as my foot hit the pavement on the intersection of 11th and Elm.

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