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Rainbows and Shit

After I said a happy and unexpected HELLO to the early morning fisherman, I came across this beautiful piece of art. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to have a picture of it! How amazing is this rainbow??

This rainbow so accurately describes how my brain is evolving. Beautiful and messy with all of the emotions! If you were to contrast the colors of a "correct" rainbow with the colors of the 7 chakras, the rainbow would be backwards. What if the world sees this rainbow as an illusion and the true way for these colors to be depicted is backwards? With red in the center and purple at the top?

Moving into this new chapter of life, my whole way of thinking is being slapped across my face flipped upside down.

I scratched that out Brene Brown-style because I felt it yielded negative energy. Though it does kind of feel like I’ve been slapped across the face and as I continue to process these new thoughts, I have to consciously remind myself to relax my face because my face is always looking like “WTF?”.

What are the thoughts creating that face??

  • Time is an illusion. And if time is an illusion, then there is no need to be rushed to move onto the next thing.

  • The world is made up of 99% energy and 1% matter. Where do you stop and the Universe begin? The Universe is me and I am the Universe. Universe. God. Light. Whatever.

  • If you’re doing two things at once, you’re sending the universe mixed messages. = You’re sending YOURSELF mixed messages and you don’t know what to do with you nor does The Universe.


And then there was shit. Right in the middle of the road. I passed it thinking “What kind of ANIMAL SHITS in the middle of the road like that????” I stopped and laughed at The Universe’s response to that question!!

An animal that does whatever the fuck they want because they don’t care what anyone else thinks! An animal that says “All ya’ll are over here shitting in the grass and I’m going to shit on the street because that’s who I am!!”

I was a good 20 feet from the poop and I had to go take a picture. Yes. I had to take a picture of the poop - which oddly resembled a rainbow.

Be the animal who poops in the middle of the street!! Bold. Fearless. Unique and unlike the others. Chances are that when you do it and do it proudly - you’ll come across other animals that DGAF and shit in the street too!

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