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Life Lessons From Tim

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Meet my friend, Tim!

Papa Tim

This man right here is an exceptional human being. A friend, a mentor, a sales badass. This guy likes to hunt and fish. He wears button-up pheasant shirts to work for god’s sake. He also sells the SHIT out of cheer uniforms! Yup! You read that right! Pheasant shirts… like birds… and cheer uniforms!!

Of the many life lessons from Tim, these two have been the most impactful.

Lesson One: When you reach a certain level, one on one coaching is how you improve.

In 2013, Tim and I were both awarded the Sales Rep of the Year award for having the most sales in the company. When it came to training and development, he and I found that one-on-one interactions with each other or with another top rep was the most beneficial. Observing how the other went about their day. Their time management, their emails, their phone calls, their system. We were looking for that way to get just 1% better. Getting better came down to just ONE LITTLE THING. ONE LITTLE WAY that we could improve our day to be more efficient and effective.

I was never actually a cheerleader!

Most of the time… I mean like ALL of the time… It’s not some big, drastic thing that needs to change in order to have exponential growth! In fact - when the change is drastic, it’s more likely that you’ll fall back into old bad habits and patterns that do not serve you well.

It’s about getting 1% better. It’s about doing the little things consistently. It’s about having another human in this world that has your back when you think you’re fucking crazy! To encourage you on! To remind you that you’re not crazy! It’s that ONE LITTLE THING! Then it’s the next little thing. And that little thing can be hard to find when you’re searching for it in the open world or on your own. Sometimes to find it, you need another human who has your best interest.

Lesson Two: Set them up for success. Set yourself up for Success.

In sales, this lesson served to cover our asses so our customers couldn’t blame anyone but themselves when they didn’t get their cheer uniforms or campwear time. Not my problem, yo! Reference my email. Sorry, you have parents screaming at you. K bye!

As a coach, I set YOU up for success. I set YOU up so that you no longer need me! So that YOU can move forward with your life. So that rather than adopting healthy habits for a few weeks, then slumping back into a rut, you find the tools and the mindset to FINALLY do the things that are on your heart and do them consistently. The things that YOU KNOW you are capable of. I set you up to live happier and more fulfilled than you ever thought possible. To have the CONFIDENCE to explore different opportunities. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you like your job, but you know there’s something more. What opportunities exist that you can’t seem to find on your own?

Alone we are limited. We are limited to our own minds. Our own beliefs. We get fixated on the excuses and validate them. We tell ourselves the excuses are the truth. But what if they’re not? What if you COULD quit your job and explore your dreams? What if you have passions, but don’t know how to move forward or which one to choose? Most likely, you’re either stuck in analysis paralysis or overwhelm. So how do you get out?

The same way you literally get out of a really yucky mud hole. You find someone who can help and leave your muck boots (aka the patterns that no longer serve you) behind.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

Ready to step out of your muck boots? Schedule a free discovery session.

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