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It's The Feeling

What got you into working out?

This question, one of my high school catechism students asked me last night. I found it strange that I really had to think about it. I find it strange that I'm still thinking about it the next day.

Were you bigger?

Nope. That really wasn't it. So what was it?

I've never been super unhappy with the way that I look. It makes me feel like a weirdo - ya know, the good kind of weird though - because it seems like a lot of women are constantly hating on themselves and their outer appearance. I am grateful that this is not one of my struggles. Even when I gain weight, I can still look at my naked self in the mirror and think ehh...I look pretty good.

My happy weight is 143. If I bust my ass at the gym and eat super clean all of the time, I can get to 138. I've been up to 160 (not pregnant) and with Sam, I was up to 185. Though I'm familiar with these numbers, I don't obsess over the scale nor is the scale my enemy. I kind of use it as a checks and balances system. And honestly - there are mornings I don't get on to check my balance because I know that pizza is still hangin' out in my body from the night before.

So if it wasn't outer appearance...what got me into working out?

I've come to the conclusion that it's about the way it makes me feel. The endorphins. The sweat. The sense of accomplishment. The clear mindedness that comes along with all of that.

Working out makes me FEEL GOOD. It allows me to go throughout my day more awake and more present in each moment. It helps me SHOW UP as the person I want to be rather than the person I feel like being on that particular day. I know that without it I feel like a freakin' bump on a log.

Do I wake up and leap out of bed every morning super excited to go get my workout on? You might think so if you've seen my Instagram stories. But the answer is Hell-to-the-no!! In fact, when I was just getting started and it wasn't yet habit, my alarm would go off and I would have to lay there convincing myself to get my ass out of bed and 50% of the time, I'd fall back asleep. Who the hell knows how long that phase of my life took. But I eventually made it past that phase and into the phase I'm in now.

Beachbody-on-demand has helped me a TON in creating the habit of JUST DO IT. made this Especially in the Winter because I don't even have to go anywhere to make my workout happen. I get dressed, I press play and thirty minutes later it's over. I don't waste time bundling up, starting my car, driving anywhere or what the hell ever - I just press play, convince myself to keep going after the first 10 minutes and then it's over. I check it off my list and move on with the day.

This is the feeling I want for others. This is why I chose to help others FIND that feeling! It can be hard figuring out what works UNIQUELY FOR YOU in a world that is filled with advice and options on what to do. And yes - this is another option and it might not be for you - but there's a chance it might be the one that works!! It was for me!

If you want to explore this option and find that feeling, let's talk!

Fill out my GETTING STARTED TOGETHER form and I'll be in touch!

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