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Instead of Skipping it...

I just feel yucky today. I'm tired. My head hurts. My stomach hurts. Right after church, I laid Sam for a nap and tried to nap off my yuckiness as well. I guess it worked for a minute.

Although I feel yucky, I'm proud of myself for showing up and I even got a cute snow pic to prove it!

Instead of skipping it - I drove up to Formoso to get a quick workout in with some amazing women! I even got a little quality time with my new friend, Emma. We covered everything from websites to college experiences to gay marriage in just 20 minutes. I can't help but laugh at the way our conversations go!

Instead of skipping it - I went grocery shopping anyways so I can start Transform:20 off right tomorrow!

Instead of skipping it - I sat down and figured up my budget for the month.

Instead of skipping it - I logged on at 8:30 to have an accountability call with other amazing women who are striving to be the best versions of themselves too!

Sometimes the bravest, most important thing you can do is show up! - Brene Brown
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