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I am work in progress

During my first life-coaching session, Mildred asked me what my top five were. What are five things that are most important to me right now? As I pondered and talked it out with her, these were the five that I came up with.

  • Faith

  • Relationships

  • Creativity

  • Growth

  • Health

Later that week, self-doubt started making an appearance. Sheila, my self-doubt persona, and Shannon had a conversation. Sheila has been showing up again this week and unfortunately Shannon has been silent this go around. Rereading the advice I wrote to myself back in November was just the fix I needed for Shannon to speak up again!

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace. You are a work in progress and God loves you just as you are.

11.19.18: Today my self doubt is creeping in. It’s saying Hey Shannon! You say these are the most important things to you, but are you living them out? My mind has been in such a fog lately. I REALLY don’t want to blame it on pregnancy brain because I’m only 6 weeks. I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been eating like absolute crap! I think I’m in denial. I’m happy I’m pregnant, but I’m kind of afraid of all of the changes my body is about to go through again! So I’ve just been shoving my face full of freakin' ice cream with the mentality of well...I’m about to get real fat anyways! But that is SO. NOT. HEALTHY! And then I go back to my five. HEALTH. Am I living that out?? Am I really making it a priority?? I’ll be honest, it’s been a struggle.**

And then Sheila says (I just named my self doubt Sheila) How can you stand for these things when you’re not even living them out?? So what is Shannon’s response? I’m a work in progress. As we all are.

**sidenote: I want to remove the word struggle from my vocabulary.

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