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How do you clean out your fridge?

I cleaned out my fridge yesterday. And my cabinets. And my pantry. Knowing that organization and simplicity are behind those doors as I look at my clear countertops makes me feel happy and settled this morning. I wonder how others answer that question and what it indicates.

It started at breakfast yesterday. The kitchen was in a state of happy chaos. Hashbrowns cooking on the stove. A toddler on the counter because she’s happy there and likes to ‘help’. Dirty dishes in the sink and a dishwasher full of clean ones. Hot coffee in the pot. Our Feel-Good-Morning Mix playing through the speakers, supporting what kitchens are meant for … dancing… living… being.

As I reached for the eggs, I also pulled out a few things that needed to be dumped and set them by the dirty dishes side of the sink. I arranged what was left in the fridge in a more systematic way. Putting all of my food together, Drew’s food together, kid food together. I group it like this so we are more aware of what’s left and eat what’s in there versus letting it sit and be forgotten. There are also a few grouped spaces for the things everyone eats. Condiments in the door are grouped in a similar way. Drew’s, Shannon’s, Everyone's. That is out of respect for my husband’s intense dislike for ketchup, mustard, and the like. I fill the tea pitcher in the clean side of the sink and put it back in the door with the other drinks. I take a sip of my lukewarm coffee along with a sigh of satisfaction and return to cooking hashbrowns.

As methodically as possible, I make my way from one area of the kitchen to the next. Pausing when necessary to check the eggs and address the needs of the toddler, who is no longer on the counter, but is now ‘helping’ by taking dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them on the floor or handing them to me with the cutest little “here” you’ve ever heard.

The bowls, plates, cups, and glasses are patiently waiting for their new spots as I address their home. I clear out a few non-essential items, wipe the shelf, and arrange what is left in a happy little way. I take another sip and sigh of satisfaction, celebrating my small win and the fact that I didn’t burn breakfast.

Next, I address some toddler attitude, then the dirty dishes, that have now piled even higher because breakfast is done. Loading the smaller stuff, washing the bigger stuff. Little by little the dishes are cleared from the sink and the countertops are wiped clean. I sort through the random pile of crap that builds up over the week, handling what needs to be handled, trashing what needs to be trashed, and finding a happy home for what needs one. I water my plants, light a candle and add some spring decor for a little ‘extra’.

Reflecting back, I see several ways in which this reflects my truth.

People matter most.
Less is more.
Progress takes time.
Celebrate small wins. (sip & sigh)
Celebrate big ones too. (Waking up to a clean kitchen!)
Dancing always makes things better and instantly raises vibes.
Be a little extra.
Everything is connected.

How do you clean out your fridge?

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