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Happier & Healthier

I'm officially in my third trimester TODAY and I'm feeling better than ever!! I can't believe I'm already at 28 weeks!!

I noticed this weekend how I feel like I'm in better shape even compared to a few weeks ago. Seems odd, huh? Given that I'm more pregnant now! In March, when Drew, Samson and I would go on walks around town, I found myself huffing and puffing up even the littlest hills!! I contributed it to the fact that I was near waddling and always had Drew push the stroller up the hill!

Just two weeks ago, I started following the Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition plan along with the 21 Day Fix Real Time Program. What a difference I can feel in just the two weeks!!

To be completely honest, I haven't followed the nutrition plan 100%. But I would say that I've been about 80% and I'm proud of that percentage! 80% has helped me maintain my current healthy pregnancy weight. I've gained 30 pounds so far, but only a pound or so in the last few weeks.

This program tells me how much to eat of which types of foods in order to fuel my body (and baby's body) well! It even have specific instructions for pregnancy and nursing which is SUPER helpful! I know that I'm getting balanced macronutrients and just the right amount of calories and I don't even have to do math! I simply know that if I follow the plan, I get those things!!

It was simple to learn because rather than having to look over a bunch of overwhelming information that stresses me out and makes me want to pull my hair out, I watched one short video at a time!! Even better - the series starts by guiding you through "Food & Feelings", How to Combat Emotional Eating & WHY you're choosing to follow the plan in the first place. Do we ALL need these things? Or is it just me??

I could go on and on! The gist is that I love it, ok? It works for me and it's NOT A DIET! I still get to enjoy my treats and I don't feel guilty about it!! The tracker even helps me pay attention to my emotions that surround my eating.

As far as the workouts!! I would definitely say they've played a part in the fact that I'm no longer huffing and puffing up the baby hills of Cawker City!! Each day is a completely different workout. There's upper body weights, lower body weights, cardio, pilates, yoga & dirty 30. Yup! You read that right and dirty 30 is probably my favorite workout. Each week, the intensity level goes up just a touch, which is awesome for those ready to progress! On the flip side, there's a modifier in each workout if you're just getting started! I do both! Sometimes I can do the progressions. Sometimes I modify the shit out of the workout! But either way, I'm moving my body for 30 minutes and getting better everyday!

I'm sharing this for the person who doesn't know where to start. Who knows they want to make healthier choices but is having a hard time doing so. For the person who needs something different because they've been eating the same thing over and over again or doing the same workout routine for months. For the person who feels stuck and is looking for a way to get unstuck!

For whomever might need to hear this message today - I'm sharing this for you! And if you're curious about this program, have questions or simply wonder if it could work for you, please get in touch! I'd love to support you on your journey to becoming a happier and healthier YOU!

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