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Feelin' Good as Hell

It's the strangest thing lately. I've been waking up with songs in my head.

If you know me at all, you know I don't really do music well. What the hell does that even mean? For instance - I RARELY EVER have music on in my car. Unless it's Friday because on Fridays I listen to Nelly! Fo real though - If I'm not listening to a podcast or a book, I'm probably 30 minutes into my drive before I realize there is no noise at all in the car. When I listen to songs, I don't know the artists, the title and I usually make up my own words.

Turns out that's ok though, because I have super cool people in my life like Emily who is the program director at ACL Radio in Austin and music is literally ALL she does! I posted a few weeks go asking for song suggestions to make a "gotta get out of this crank ass mood" playlist. Later that night, Emily sent me a FULL playlist that I have been thoroughly enjoying!


I went to bed at 11 last night, didn't actually fall asleep until about midnight & my alarm went off at 4:30. I got up - turned it off and face planted back into bed. Then my brain started singing:

Baby how you feelin'? Feeling good as hell

Would I believe it? Or would I go back to sleep?

I got up, threw some cold water on my face and asked myself again

Baby how you feelin'? Feeling good as hell

Then I proceeded to have the perfect morning. 10 minutes of meditation. Listed 10 things I am grateful for and my affirmations. Continued on with the book of Matthew & rested in prayer all before Samson woke up And when he did - I was the best-version-of-a-mom I could be for him! We sang "Rise and shine and give God the GLORY GLORY!" I got him settled in with cartoons and milk and got to my 20 minute workout!

Most people look at me like a deer in the headlights when I tell them I wake up at 4:30 - but this is WHY I do it! It allows me to rest in the silence of the morning so I can show up as the mom, wife, daughter, woman, boss babe, coach, employee that I want to be! The best version of whatever hat I'm wearing that day!


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