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2018 Inventory

I finally finished my 2018 inventory. If you're wondering WTF that is, let me explain!

On Rachel Hollis' Rise podcast, she mentioned a practice that she does at the end of every year. Going back through your calendar and writing down all of the AWESOME things that you did as well as the NOT-SO-AWESOME things. Then, looking at that inventory and deciding how to do MORE of the awesome and LESS of the not-so-awesome. Yes, this took a little while.

I looked back at my planner as well as my pictures. When I finished my inventory, I had way more AWESOME things than not-so-awesome! #winning

March 25, 2018

I went month by month writing down the events of the year and one thing kept coming up in the AWESOME category. RUNNING. Which I think actually translates into being outside.

The pictures up on the dike are my absolute favorite. They made me remember how much I love being up there. Sometimes I forget when it's been too long. The lake is beautiful. The birds. The sun. The nature man! It makes me feel close to God.

It is supposed to be a gorgeous week with highs in the upper 40s and 50s! I'm going to get my booty up on that dike and take a look at all of God's awesomeness!! I'm going to take the time to love myself...because I, too, am part of His awesomeness!

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