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Hi! I'm Shannon!

I have a lot of energy and some say it's contagious.


I am the wife of a hunky, realistic, math-teacher named Drew and we are the parents of two little humans, Hollis & Samson.

I used to live in fear.  Fear that I would never be able to fulfill my dreams in this tiny little town with a big ball of twine.  (google Cawker City)

In my early professional years, I dreamed of working my way up the ladder. I wanted to make money. Money. Money. Money.  I was a rockstar at my job, placing in the top five sales reps of the company year after year. Even though I enjoyed what I was doing, a distinct feeling kept creeping up.  This is not the best use of my God-given gifts.  There’s more for me.     

As it turns out...dreams change.  With my husband’s support - and a well-worked budget - I quit my job to explore what I REALLY want in life!  Or rather, what GOD wants for my life!

He gave me the gift of gab.  Like - I really love talking to people.  But not just about surface-y shit like the weather...about things that MATTER!  I like to ask the hard questions. Questions that other people shy away from. And the best part is watching and listening to the person on the receiving end as they answer. 


No one can tell another person the steps it takes to create a happier and more fulfilling life. The steps are unique to all of us, just like our gifts. 


Let's explore yours together!

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